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Meet Kerry & Alanah

We started Our Healthy Friend to share what we've learnt about living well and to help others who are looking to improve their own self care or their family's health, through reducing toxin exposure in the home and improving nutrition. 

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Kerry Maclaurin


Kerry is a researcher and Health Coach whose interest in this area grew after experiencing her own fertility issues and later seeking answers to help her own children with allergic reactions, neurological disorders, learning issues, anxiety and autoimmune issues. Alanah was the recipient of a lot of the health interventions Kerry researched, and reaped the benefits, leading her to follow a path of healthy, conscious eating and exercise. Alanah is currently studying Medicine and Surgery after completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry that is, when she's not working or fencing... - her sporting passion!


Through Alanah's autoimmune issues we were exposed to alternative ways of eating such as elimination diets, GAPS, FODMAP and Paleo. Once we saw the impact real food and removing toxins in the environment could have on health and wellbeing, our passion for sharing the importance of minimising toxins in the home and maximising nutrition grew.

This mission was further strengthened when we were introduced to The Wahls Protocol® developed by Dr Terry Wahls MD™ and her vision to create an epidemic of health. Kerry is a certified The Wahls Protocol®Health Coach.


Our aim is to make it simple for you to make Clean Living Choices, using real food, great nutrition and fabulous non toxic products. 


Learn more about the deveopment of The Wahls Protocol from this video of Dr Terry Wahls at TEDx Iowa


PS Meet two of our motivations to keep us moving...

Charlie (the Brittany) and

Jagger (the Airedale),

great examples of joy in motion!

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