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dog joint problems

Pet Care

Our pets are an integral part of our family life and we want to do the best by them.


Do they have joint or skin issues?

Whether it's our pets health or ours, our philosophy is the same and is based on supporting the body by minimising toxins and maximising nutrition for a balanced immune system.


We've seen firsthand the impact this can have.


Each journey begins with a single step and a goal


Better health for you, or your pets


Maybe Our Healthy Friend can help you with the how...


Liquid Biocell PET

Collagen/HA Matrix Technology in a liquid medium designed specifically for cats and dogs to promote wellbeing in active or senior pets.  A great tasting natural beef flavour that maintains, nourishes and hydrates.  Helpful for skin and joints to keep our fur babies happy and content.   


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Please contact us for a chat about how Our Healthy Friend may be able to help




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