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Kerry offers coaching support to help empower you to take the very best care of yourself, build skills to cope with relapses and develop the resilience to take steps to get back on track. 

Kerry is a researcher and Health Coach. She has a Bachelor of Science and has undertaken tertiary studies in Health Science and Weight Management. Kerry is a certified The Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner.

Kerry has had her own health journey being diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscle condition and found having a coach an integral part of her success in improving function and mobility, so she understands the daily challenges you face.


Each journey begins with a single step and a goal.


Where are you going and why?


Better health for you, or your kids... fitness, skin, energy, mood, balance - or just wanting to fit into those smaller clothes at the back of the wardrobe?


Maybe Our Healthy Friend can help you with the how...

Our philosophy is based on supporting the body by minimising toxins and maximising nutrition for a balanced immune system.

We've seen firsthand the impact this can have.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat about where Our Healthy Friend may be able to help you.


Kerry works with Health Coaching clients both in person, and virtually. Please contact us to discuss Health Coaching or for quick Home and Body Detox guidance.


PS The photos of our dogs at the beach and sunsets have been taken by Kerry, who a few years ago would not have been able to participate in these activities - in fact, she set walking the dogs as one of her goals with her own health coach!  


We hope you enjoy the photos. To us, they are a testimony to the power of having a vision, goal setting, small daily steps and commitment to your health and well being!

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