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Kerry offers one-on-one coaching to help empower you to take the very best care of yourself, build skills to cope with challenges and develop the resilience to move through fears and setbacks to flourish and live joyfully. 

As a researcher and Health Coach, she has a Bachelor of Science and has undertaken tertiary studies in Health Science and Weight Management. Kerry is a certified The Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner and a Tapping Coach.

Kerry has had her own health journey being diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscle condition and found having a coach an integral part of her success in improving function and mobility, so she understands the daily challenges you face.


Each journey begins with a single step and a goal.


Where are you going and why?


Better health for you, or your kids... fitness, skin, energy, mood, balance - or just wanting to fit into those smaller clothes at the back of the wardrobe?


Or maybe you want help dealing with the general stress and ups and downs of life or fears of public speaking, exams or flying...

We've seen firsthand the positive impact a supportive coach can have.

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Ready to upgrade your self care, reduce stress or learn new skills?

Six 1 hour online coaching sessions in person or online.

 $900 value for 

AUD $85paid upfront 

(approx USD$535)



Ready to seek exceptional change?

Could 3 months support change your life?

12 x 1 hour Coaching Sessions

12 week personalised plan

$1800 value AUD $1620

                 paid upfront

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Ready to find out more?


Need help choosing the coaching option to suit you best


 I invite you to book a free


15 minute Discovery Call


Health Coaching Client

I was overwhelmed with all that was involved to start eating The Wahls Protocol way but Kerry made it so simple to start step by step. She is great at explaining how and why each step is important. Definitely worth putting yourself first to improve your health. Kerry's coaching is well worth it.

Paul, Australia

Tapping Coaching Client

I can't thank Kerry enough for the incredible transformation she guided me through in our coaching sessions. When I first started, my mantra was, "I hate public speaking; I don't want to do it." I was full of resistance and self-doubt.

However, Kerry's patience, competence, and unwavering support, combined with her incredible mastery of tapping/EFT gradually turned things around. By the end of our sessions, my mantra had evolved into something entirely different: "I am a competent public speaker." Kerry skillfully helped me shed old limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. Her assistance in preparing my notes was nothing short of amazing.


Thanks to Kerry's coaching, I not only conquered my fear of public speaking but also found joy and confidence in addressing audiences. I recently had the privilege of speaking on two stages at two different events, an accomplishment I couldn't have imagined before our sessions. I am immensely proud of what I've achieved, and I know I am well-equipped to do it again in the future. Kerry's coaching has been a game-changer, and I'm grateful for her expertise and guidance.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry's coaching. It's a transformative experience you'll never regret, and it will propel you forward in ways you couldn't have imagined.

Forever Grateful

Tess James  New Zealand


Kerry works with Coaching clients both in person, and virtually, single 90 minute sessions also available. Please contact us to discuss Health Coaching, Tapping for Lifestyle change and joy, or for Home and Body Detox guidance.


PS The photos of our dogs at the beach and sunsets have been taken by Kerry, who a few years ago would not have been able to participate in these activities - in fact, she set walking the dogs as one of her goals with her own health coach!  


We hope you enjoy the photos. To us, they are a testimony to the power of having a vision, goal setting, small daily steps and commitment to your health and well being!

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