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Early menopause!! Why me?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

In 1995 I was ready to start my family - I'd met a wonderful man, my career was zooming along. As a State Manager for an international research firm with a staff in excess of 100, I was used to being able to plan, take action and make things happen! I'd moved back to Perth on the west coast of Australia where my mother was, so she could enjoy her future grandchild :) This, after exciting years spent working in the fascinating world of research in Melbourne and London - but I knew I wanted to be a mother and for my child to enjoy growing up in Perth, with beautiful beaches, a small quiet city, clean air and extended family close by!

Then that fateful call with my Doctor - I'd gone for blood tests, as since I'd gone off the contraceptive pill I was experiencing weird hot flushes... I'd be presenting research findings in a board room to senior management of a brewery, banks or government departments and find myself peeling off the scarf and jacket - then not too long after getting a chill and having to replace them - not great for concentration nor a professional image!!

I'll never forget that doctor's words - sorry, you're in menopause, you won't be able to have a child - yes, seriously, that's what he said - on the PHONE! Didn't even ask me to come in to his surgery to tell me in person - unbelievable! I'm a scientist and researcher and I knew my chances of pregnancy were diminishing with age, but I also knew about IVF, but when I asked what I needed to do to pursue IVF, he then said -I think you'd be too old - whaaat!!?? How could this be happening to me?

This was the beginning of a journey that would lead me to finding out about the dangers of toxic chemicals in our food and all around us in everyday products, to learning the importance and impact of self-care through meditation, tai chi and reflection; realising how integral, learning and helping others is, to my self-image; with a strong desire to contribute to protecting our planet. Ultimately leading me from the corporate world, working in research to being a Health Coach and starting this small business with my daughter to teach and empower others to reduce the toxic load in their homes - for their own health, their families and the planet!

I hope my retelling of my journey will assist you in your quest for better health! But now I must head off to join a few friends for an afternoon of games and sharing - putting my self care and health first!

Be well,


Me in 1995

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