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Double Trouble to Double Delight

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It was 1995 when I first became aware of how much impact toxins and xenoestrogens in our environment can have on our health, when I sought out a new GP to help me pursue my quest for motherhood. As a 37 year old, fit and healthy woman I expected to be able to start a family, so finding out I was in early menopause and according to my old GP, infertile!! - was a huge shock!

Fortunately for me, I found a forward thinking Doctor who suggested I consult a naturopath to help balance my hormones naturally. This was the beginning of my journey in supporting my health through diet, movement, meditation and reducing toxins.

As an experienced professional social and market researcher, working at the time as a State Manager for an international research firm I had been involved in research into new products, brand image development, health policy and a wide range of other areas, both in Australia and internationally. My research skills and knowledge proved very useful in determining what changes I needed to make for my own health, and seeking out and assessing clean, safer home and body products.

With fabulous people on my side, I eventually gave birth to boy-girl twins - it was a complicated and lengthy journey, but that story can wait for another time.

Our miracle IVF boy/girl twins

My extensive research into safer effective bio-friendly products commenced in 1995 and grew by word of mouth into a coaching business helping people detox their homes and bodies for better health. Eventually leading me to go back to study in the Health Sciences arena.

I hope you too benefit from making the change to the safer, clean products we use and link to on this website.


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